Football Football

Football is the number one sport that every sport fanatics’ bet on because the winning opportunities are outstanding! If you thought that the games were already a great load of adrenaline rush, wait until you place a bet on a Derby or a Champions League games with hundreds of dollars at stake. Best believe that there will be a lot at stake, way more than you mere passion for football. Therefore, we will touch on the different football competitions you will be able to bet on. Also, we will address the different betting options you will find available on bookmakers’ websites. Last but definitely not least, we will direct you to the best online bookmakers to place your bets on football games.

The football competitions

International football is the best place to put on bets! Indeed, you will be able to bet on different leagues, such as la Liga (the Spanish league), the Premier League (the English league), the Bundesliga (the German league), or the Ligue 1 (the French league). You will also have the Champions League where all the biggest clubs go head-to-head to reach the title of best European club. The World Cups are also a great occasion to place bets on football. You will be able to support your favorite teams, as well as the additional entertainment of being right for following your instincts!

The different betting options

All the different betting options that exist all apply when it comes down to football. You will be able to place simple as well as multiple bets on different games. Also, the handicap bets are a great way for you to show off your knowledge of the game and of your favorite teams. The new cool thing though is live betting. Indeed, you will be able to bet as the game unfolds. The upside of this type of bets is that the odds can be extremely interesting. Of course, you will have to monitor the odds in order to place your bet at the right moment. Also, let us not forget about the Heinz bet that will allow to place different sorts of bets on different games. This is the most difficult bet, and you will need a lot of technic and practice to hit the jackpot!

The best bookmakers

There are a lot of valuable online bookmakers that will offer you great betting options on football. Some of them will even offer you bonuses and free bets! This would be the best occasion for you to maximize on those bonuses and make the best and the most lucrative bets. The number one online bookmaker is by far Bwin, which offers a multidude of betting options on different sports. Bwin’s promotional offers are the best out there, and are certainly worth a look. The second one would be Unibet and the third Betclic. Indeed, these are the golden online bookmakers that everyone goes to in order to multiply their earnings on each ones of their bet.