The beginners' strategy

The beginners strategy The beginners strategy

As a beginner in the realm of online sports betting, you will absolutely need to choose a strategy that will fit you. Therefore, we have decided to come to your rescue and offer you one reliable strategy that you will be able to hold on to throughout your bets. You will find it quite simple and easy to work. Therefore, in this article of ours, you will be able to know more about the strategy’s concept, as well as an example to support its efficiency and some of the risks that come with using the martingale as a strategy for a beginner. You will have everything that you need in order to choose whether or not this would be a strategy that would suit you during your sports betting online!

The martingale’s concept

The martingale is a strategy that can be applied for sports betting as well as on a few casino games. The principle is the same no matter what bet you will want to make whether on a bookmaker’s site or on an online casino. Let us get to the heart of the matter. The martingale is easy to use, as long as you have the budget and the guts to use it. In case of a loosing bet, you will have to double the amount of your initial bet in order to compensate your loss. Some players get it in the first round, however, others who have the means go several rounds before being able to compensate their loss bets.

The example

Let us give you a football bet example to illustrate the martingale. It is Saturday and there are two matches that you are interested in betting on. The first one is between Manchester United and Arsenal (match 1). The second one opposes Chelsea to Manchester City (match 2). The match 1 is at 13pm and the second at 18pm. Therefore, you will place a bet on match 1, on a Manchester United win, and bet $5 on it. Let’s say that United defense fails and the team looses the game. You would have lost your bet. Therefore, once match 2 comes along, you will need to double the amount of your bet, so let’s say $10 on Manchester City. If City takes the win then you would have made up for your previous loosing bet.

The risks

As you may already know, there are a lot of risks attached to the use of this strategy. The first risk is linked to your instinct or a last minute change on your next bet. It could even be a technical issue coming from your bookmakers’ website. Also, you will need to fix your budget for this kind of adventure. You should never loose sight of your first bet. Once the first loosing bet is made up for, we would advise you to stop after that, because a lot of players have a tendency to get carried away.